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A child star speed-skater recently agreed to dress up in a dinner lady's apron and headpiece for a top-of-the-class roller-skating performance in a shallow, empty, concrete paddling pool for a short film I was making. The pool was bright blue. The tiny skater gathered quite an audience. Joyful expressions pressed themselves to the surrounding railings.
Giving winter pools their deserved admirers is all I want to do. Giving baked beans a chance of a second career, taking an unloved, large toy cat to Broadway. Illuminating these undercover celebrations of the day to day is what I like; the knowing, waiting character of duvets, the milky light of the bathroom, the hair on the back of your neck that is always a step ahead of you.

I'm lactose intolerant and always trying to find ways to connect to the cheesy, creamy world. I think I am getting pretty close. Whether I am working with porcelain, Modroc or lambswool, many of my sculptures seem to put on the cloak of a cream cake. A large creamy toy cat named Charity has become my most loved drawing muse. One of her eyes can flash green.


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Film, Music, Performance, Drawing, Painting and Sculpture


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