Mair Hughes



Mair Hughes is a visual artist from Newtown, Powys. Her art practice explores, through sculpture, installation and assemblage, the propagation of material energy and information through objects. As well as art, Mair Hughes’ work references alchemical possibilities, language, science and domestic craft.

Mair Hughes’ working process is polymorphous and playful, using drawing, sculpture and text, and employing materials such as silk, matches, sand, silicone and plaster. Mair creates installations that explore the history and cultural context of materials and objects, as well as their future potential, looking for new uses and forms for objects as well as new ways to name and describe them.

From 2005 to 2010 Mair Hughes lived in Glasgow and studied on the Masters course at Glasgow School of Art. Mair exhibited at the RSA Galleries in Edinburgh, Glasgow Project Room and Studio Warehouse Gallery, and from 2008 to 2010 was a member of Glasgow Project Room Gallery committee. In 2010 Mair organised the exhibition ‘Rough Luxe’, which was part of the fringe programme of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art.”


Contact Details

Top Floor Summerfield studio

07846 435259



Specialises In

Sculpture, installation, photography and drawing. 


Recent Work