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Lorraine Robbins is an artist and curator who works across multiple disciplines – including sculpture, performance and drawing. Born in Stroud and based in London and Gloucestershire, Lorraine creates socially-engaged art that is intended to provoke vital discussion.

Lorraine was an award winner in the Jerwood Drawing Prize, and was the first guest curator to be invited to work with Gallery Pangolin. Recently, Lorraine has been working in collaboration with artist Soozy Roberts on various art projects as Robbins and Roberts

In 2015, Robbins and Roberts were invited to  launch the Hardwick Gallery in Cheltenham with their exhibition ‘Perky and Pinky’. A riot of real-life and circus influences, the exhibition, including performance, explored feminist themes and gender-specific symbols in playfully anarchic manner. The centrepiece was a life-sized cast of the artist , styled as a poodle and poised on a plinth, as if ready to jump through a series of pink hoops composed of hen-night bunny ears . It is a challenging and vibrant work – typical of Lorraine’s style – that raises a smile whilst asking difficult questions about our cultural and social history in respect to gender.


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