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Emily Joy

Emily Joy is a visual artist making sculpture, installation and performative works. Underpinning her practice is an ongoing investigation into the subjectivity and loss inherent in the act of remembering and reimagining; including why and how experience is mediated by the imperfect copies of memory, language and image. This study is concerned with trace, representation and the boundaries of the self. This is explored through investigations into the limitations of the physical body, through confrontation with material mass and through personal and technical failure.

Emily is a founder member of artists group Quercus and is one half of creative partnership ‘Periscope’, providing immersive, creative events. Emily Joy was awarded the 2008 Darbyshire Award and has taken part in residencies throughout Europe. Emily was shortlisted for the 2012, and longlisted for the 2017 Aesthetica prize. Most recently Emily has been artist in residence at Mustarinda in Finland in Spring 2018.


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Sculpture Studio

07963 781384 



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Rammed earth sculpture, installation, drawing and performative work.


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